BK Signs the Author Who Invented Green Marketing

    Posted by Johanna Vondeling

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    I'm so pleased to report that BK recently signed the author who is widely regarded as the inventor of green marketing, Jacquie Ottman.  Her book, "The New Rules of Green Marketing," makes the case that green has gone mainstream.  As a result, it's no longer effective to market based on "doing the right thing."  Instead, marketers of green products should promote their offerings on the basis of inherent value--better taste, better gas mileage, healthier for your kids, etc.  She also helps marketers avoid greenwashing and demonstrates the importance of working with colleagues in product development, to craft not only the message but also the offering itself.  This book has already been adopted by the Los Angeles Community College system--one of the largest in the country--and it's not even shipping until early 2011.  I guess good news spreads quickly!  Feel free to contact me if you'd like to know more about this exciting publication.



    Jacquelyn Ottman
    October 31, 2014

    And I'm so delighted that Johanna was instrumental in helping us get to what I think is the perfect cover and title for my latest book -- just one reason I'm so delighted to be in the "B-K Community".
    Looking forward to contributing to this exciting new subject area.