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Caring Commitment

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Back in 2001 I attended a BK author conference (as an invitee of one of the organizers). At the time I was working on my dissertation, aiming to link leadership with consciousness development. I managed to catch Steve at the breakfast buffet and he set aside time that day to listen to a description of my research. He liked the core idea and then informed me of the path to get from there to being on the shelf in a bookstore.

When I finished my dissertation the following year, I was audacious enough to send Steve a copy. I had pretty much forgotten about it when, a few months later, my phone rang, and it was Steve. He had actually read it, and gave me some good feedback.

While at that time I was not in a position to follow up with actually trying to make a book out of it, the feedback stuck and when an invitation came in 2010 to contribute a chapter to an anthology that BK ended up publishing, (The Transforming Leader, 2012), I took the core idea from my research and was able to bring it out in that chapter.

While I have also attended another BK event and visited the office (both about ten years ago) and felt very welcomed, it was this personal touch that has done the most to keep my sights aimed at publishing with BK when the time comes to write something worth saying.



Charlotte Ashlock
Charlotte Ashlock
December 23, 2015 Thanks for sharing your story! :-)