Inclusiveness of all stake-holders and alignment of values

Posted by Jonathan Fong

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  • I have the privilege of participating in BK Foundation's Experiential Exchange, and being partnered with Steve Piersanti. His success in building BK is an inspiration to me, and in one of our sessions, he said that BK stopped being his company the moment he hired someone, and actually it was before that, the moment he had supplier relationships/contracts, etc. I am awestruck by his vision of BK not as his company, but one that he just guides while give space to all stakeholders.

    Prior to this, I read an intern's account of a BK Author Day ( Steve's willingness and encouragement for the intern to participate was astounding, but beyond that, how the company values were so aligned that Jeevan already knew also that the intern should not just be an observer, but an empowered and active participant.



Charlotte Ashlock
Charlotte Ashlock
January 16, 2016 I always feel grateful for being part of a community where so many people are willing to help me out.