Ode to the BK Way

Posted by Betsy Polk

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After 9 years of idea nurturing, the prospect of a real book --about the power women get from leading together-- with a real publisher was downright thrilling. The possibility of working with BK was even more than that... it was the stuff of dreams. After all, so many of my favorite thinkers and respected graduate school professors were BK authors and so many of the resources I clung to as essential guides for my work as an organization develpment consultant were BK classics.  Before the day, (August 19, 2013 --- a day that's now as meaningful to me as the birthdays of my husband and children) when Jeevan, Charlotte and Anna called to tell my co-author, Maggie Chotas, and me that BK had said yes to our book, we'd already benefitted from the advice they'd cared enough to provide Jeevan, Charlotte and Anna implored us to explore why this subject really mattered. We were focused on women's partnerships as a solution."Tell us," they implored "why thiis solution is needed?" Jeevan, Charlotte and Anna inspired us to answer questions we had long skirted and to dig deeper than we ever had before. It's thanks to this trio that we wrote the book we wrote. It's thanks to BK for providing authors with a way that's challenging, enriching and still, for two authors who consider themselves to be very fortunate -- the stuff of dreams.  



Charlotte Ashlock
Charlotte Ashlock
January 16, 2016 Thanks for your kind words, Betsy!