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  • Benjamin

    How to Write a Killing Business Proposal

    Created by K Benjamin

    Writing a good business proposal is very important for multiple reasons. Mainly it is significant that you pay attention and write a killing business proposal because it is the only way you are supposed to express the idea behind your business venture and pitch it. Therefore the business proposal needs to be well composed and should be an accurate representation of your plan. An online accountant is a great resource that can help you come up with a functional and attractive business proposal.

    The primary purpose of any business is to solve a real-world problem. Therefore it is crucial that you mention the solution that your company will offer. While suggesting the solution ensure that your approach is unique and attractive. You need to impress the reader and assure him that the answer your company can offer is single and no one else has ever thought of this approach before.

    It is needless to say that language, vocabulary and grammar cannot be ignored when you are writing your business proposal. The business proposal is the only way you will be able to impress the reader. Therefore make sure that the language used is appropriate and grammatically correct. Make use of extensive vocabulary and avoid redundancy and repetition. Reread and proofread your business proposal multiple times to improve it. Forward it only when you have complete satisfaction with it. You can also ask a professional accountant or advisor to help you use the correct terminologies to add a professional color to the business proposal.

    Credibility is also a factor that is of vital importance when writing a business proposal. Reliability is an excellent way of not only listing experience in the relevant field but is also a way of earning trust. Mention all the clients that you have worked with before and also state the nature of the work or services provided. Also, write any accolades or awards that you have won so that you can gain trust and establish an impressive representation for your business pitch.

    While writing a business proposal keep in mind that the target or the reader of the business proposal must be impressed. You have to ensure that your business idea is unique and catchy. To be able to stand out you need to mention why you are the best option amongst your competitors. Therefore feel free to suggest the benefits of working with you. You can specify things like customer service, punctuality, experience and other plus points that you have but the others lack.

    Last but not least, writing a business proposal is a significant step. Take ample time and research before you sit down and start working on your business proposal. Keep in mind that the business proposal is a representation of your business and ambition; therefore it requires attention and is not something you can write down in a hurry. A good business proposal is essential to impress the reader as well as to represent your business idea accurately.

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  • Benjamin

    4 Reasons to Hire a Digital Marketing SEO Agency

    Created by K Benjamin

    So, you want to leverage online tools to grow your venture, right?

    But looking at your marketing options, you've got blogging, SEO, social media and other options. Something isn't right, and you don't know where to start.

    That's normal.

    You see digital marketing encompasses a variety of online methods for marketing and growing your business. So it's likely to be complicated if your firm doesn't have the time, resources, and expertise for this undertaking.

    For this reason, it's logical to work with a digital marketing SEO agency. In this post, we'll focus on some of the reasons why you should work with one.

    Let's dive right into it.

    1. You Focus on Growing Your Business

    In most cases, online marketing means getting new teams to run the campaigns. Don't forget; you'll need time and money to set up and train the team. It may take time before the team gets these skills and starts working.

    Undertaking marketing responsibilities is time-consuming. Having an agency to do the task can save you a lot of time and money.

    All you need is to share your goals and timeframes. The exercise frees your time allowing you to manage your enterprises.

    1. You Save On Cost

    Marketing agencies render their services as independent contractors. As such, you don't need to remit payroll taxes and cut on recurrent costs.

    Buying the tools to do marketing may cost a dime. However, the agencies will have all the tools they need for the job. Once you engage the agency, you don't need to buy one yourself.

    1. Work With Experts

    As a small business, you can't employ digital marketers to join your workforce. Engaging them is something that requires time and consideration. Plus, it'll take time for your team to learn social media marketing and SEO strategies.

    Rather than go through this hassle, get services from competent experts by working with a marketing agency. Don't forget; large companies are hiring and paying handsomely to retain these experts. The cost of hiring the remaining ones is quite high.

    The good thing, these agencies have handled similar projects in the past.

    1. The Results are Measurable

    No company wants to make an investment that doesn't bear any result.

    With the different digital marketing methods, getting the returns on your investment can be a challenge. However, the agency makes the exercise more comfortable by having key performance indicators. These indicators show how each campaign strategy is working about your goals.

    Typically, an online marketing agency gives an insight into keyword performance. It'll also provide insights on how potential clients are engaging with your brand and content.


    Digital marketing can grow your business than any other marketing technique. Hiring an agency makes it easier to start on your campaigns almost immediately. Since you don't need to navigate through the learning curve, you'll be able to see results within weeks after engaging the experts. However, this will only be possible if you know your needs and expectations

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  • Benjamin

    How to Vet SEO Client Testimonials and References!

    Created by K Benjamin

    When I sign up a new client, I get excited. Sometimes, maybe too excited.

    I text my mom, I talk to my dog as if she can understand me (and cares about what I’m saying). Hell, sometimes I even get out of my chair and do a happy dance.

    (Disclaimer: this is not me)

    Ok, seriously though. Clients are what make my business go ‘round.

    I love my clients. My clients love me. Together we make it happen.

    When I do something awesome for a client, I ask them for a testimonial or a reference. This way I can show off to prospects what I’m capable of and what they can expect before they jump onboard.

    Like when I helped Big Sky Ranch avoid real estate agent fees by building them a fully functional real estate website that marketed over $2 Million in land sales, I got a testimonial, a reference, and a renewed contract :)

    This helps me prove to prospects that I offer more than just affordable SEO prices, I actually offer satisfaction and results.

    Any quality SEO company will be able to show you real testimonials and provide client references for you to perform your due diligence.

    So, when you are researching SEO agencies and find one who cannot provide real testimonials or references, you know they aren’t quality and you move on.

    Vetting your SEO service provider by checking their client testimonials, and even asking for references to speak with, is an essential part of your decision process in choosing an affordable SEO provider.

    But don’t immediately check the box when you see that a company has testimonials on their website. Vet them yourself first. One quick piece of advice is to first create a list of niche SEO providers that cater to your industry specifically.

    For example, I would recommend Leadsurance if you need Insurance SEO.

    As you can see, Leadsurance is an InsureTech company, so they will be more equipped to offer the best insurance SEO services.

    If you aren’t an insurance agent, then try to find a similar company that caters their SEO services to your industry.

    These companies offer higher specialization, that is needed to get the best results.

    Example of Vetting SEO Client Testimonials

    For example, let’s look at our trusty $69 SEO service that came up #2 in my search for “cheap SEO services”

    Looks nice right? You’re probably ready to sign up. But I’m not.

    Because I’m weird, I never trust businesses immediately when reading their websites. (What a weirdo right!)

    I always dig around myself to see what I can find about the company online. And sure enough, in this case, it doesn’t take much digging for me to find out that this testimonial is not one I would rely on for a $69 SEO service.

    As it turns out, was offline at the time of doing research for this post. And even though it may have been live at one time, I don’t trust the owner’s advice considering they aren’t in business anymore.

    At the time of publishing, the domain was back up with a different owner, not Ursula Bell, the person who supposedly gave the client testimonial.

    You want testimonials from real businesses that are ALSO succeeding. Just having a testimonial isn’t enough. Especially a testimonial to a website that doesn’t exist.

    Would you take financial advice from your friend who’s been in debt constantly since they got their first credit card? Probably not.

    And following suit, I won’t accept advice for my business from someone who is no longer operating their business.

    SEO Client Testimonial Vetting Process

    So, when you are researching SEO companies, first look for testimonials. Then validate the testimonials by researching the business and person who left the testimonial. Ask yourself the following:

    • How does this client’s website look? (does it exist?)
    • How does the content read? (Is it well written compelling content with custom graphics?)
    • Does their website show up in Google for branded searches or any relevant keyword searches to their business?
    • Is there contact information on their site that I can use to reach out to them and discuss their experience with an X SEO company?
    • If not, will X SEO company provide you with contact information to any client references?

    Follow the above guidelines when vetting SEO companies and you should be able to find some winners who are helping their clients win too.

    Good Luck

    Now that you have the information you need to verify SEO company reviews, you can go out there and find a great service provider

    A company that has earned a proven track record you are comfortable and familiar with.

    In addition to vetting reviews, I also recommend you plan your SEO budget carefully. With a budget in mind, here is some guidance on finding SEO companies that you can afford.

    It is very important that you choose an affordable SEO company to work with that can get results within your budget.

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