The Outward Mindset (Audio)

Seeing Beyond Ourselves How to Change Lives and Transform Organizations

The Arbinger Institute (Author) | Oliver Wyman (Narrated by)

Publication date: 06/13/2016

The Outward Mindset (Audio)
Unknowingly, too many of us operate from an inward mindset—a narrow-minded focus on self-centered goals and objectives. When faced with personal ineffectiveness or lagging organizational performance, most of us instinctively look for quick-fix behavioral band-aids, not recognizing the underlying mindset at the heart of our most persistent challenges. Through true stories and simple yet profound guidance and tools, The Outward Mindset enables individuals and organizations to make the one change that most dramatically improves performance, sparks collaboration, and accelerates innovation—a shift to an outward mindset.

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Unknowingly, too many of us operate from an inward mindset—a narrow-minded focus on self-centered goals and objectives. When faced with personal ineffectiveness or lagging organizational performance, most of us instinctively look for quick-fix behavioral band-aids, not recognizing the underlying mindset at the heart of our most persistent challenges. Through true stories and simple yet profound guidance and tools, The Outward Mindset enables individuals and organizations to make the one change that most dramatically improves performance, sparks collaboration, and accelerates innovation—a shift to an outward mindset.

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The word 'arbinger' is the ancient French spelling of 'harbinger': one who indicates or foreshadows what is to come; a forerunner. The Arbinger Institute is a harbinger of change.

Arbinger is a worldwide consulting company and think tank comprising people who have been trained in business, law, economics, philosophy, family dynamics, education, coaching, and psychology. The members of Arbinger come from diverse cultural backgrounds and from all religious and nonreligious traditions and belief systems. What they share is a deep understanding and passion for the ideas underlying Arbinger's work--a compelling model of human understanding and motivation that explains the ubiquitous problem of self-deception and how to solve it.

Arbinger's mission grows out of the work of an international team of scholars that broke new ground in solving the age-old problem of self-deception, or what was originally called "resistance." Arbinger was founded to translate this important work on self-deception--and its solution--into practical effect for individuals, families, and organizations worldwide.

Arbinger has grown from a small organization with only ten facilitators and staff members in 2000 to an international organization with over 300 facilitators, coaches, and staff members offering public courses, consulting and coaching services, and tailored organizational interventions. The members of Arbinger are mobilized to help organizations, communities, individuals, families, educators, those in the criminal justice system, and helping professionals. Arbinger's clients range from individuals who are seeking help in their lives to many of the largest companies and governmental institutions in the world. Among these organizational clients are Microsoft, IBM, ATT, Lockheed Martin, Nike, Harley-Davidson, Intel, Nokia, USA Today, Cornell University, the U.S. Navy, the U.S. Air Force, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the Justice Department, the Energy Department, and the Treasury.

For more information please visit the Arbinger Institute online here

Narrated by Oliver Wyman

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Table of Contents

Part I: Something New
1. A Different Approach
2. What Shapes Behavior
3. Two Mindsets
4. Seeing Truthfully
Part II: Exploring the Outward Mindset
5. Getting Our of Our Own Way
6. The Lure of Inwardness
7. The Outward Mindset Solution
Part III: Becoming More Outward
8. The Outward Mindset Patters
9. Applying the Outward Mindset Patters
10. Don't Wait On Others
Part IV: Multiplying Mindset Change
11. Start With Mindset
12. Mobilize Around a Collective Goal
13. Allow People Full Responsibility
14. Shrink Distraction
15. Turn Systems Outward
16. The Road Ahead

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1 A Different Approach

Two black cargo vans snake down Wabash Avenue in Kansas City, Missouri. The passengers are members of the Kansas City Police Department (KCPD) SWAT team. They are about to serve a high-risk drug warrant—the fifth warrant service of that day. The targets of this warrant are sufficiently dangerous that the squad has obtained a “no-knock” warrant, meaning that they will storm through the door unannounced. The men are dressed in black from head to toe, their faces covered by masks that leave only their eyes exposed. Bullet-resistant helmets and body armor make them an intimidating sight.

Senior Sergeant Charles “Chip” Huth, leader of the 1910 SWAT Squad for eight years, is driving the lead van. He slows as the target residence comes into view, and his men stream from both vehicles as quietly and quickly as they can.

Three officers sprint around to the back of the house and take cover, supplying containment should the targets attempt to flee. Seven others, including Chip, run to the front door, six of them with their guns drawn. The seventh runs a well-used battering ram up to the door and slams it through.

“Police,” they yell. “Everybody down!” Inside is bedlam. Men attempt to scramble out of the room, some to the stairs and others down hallways. Young children stand as if paralyzed, screaming. A number of women cower in terror on the floor, some of them shielding infants who are screaming at the top of their lungs.

Two of the men—the two suspects, it turns out—go for their weapons but are taken down by officers. “Don't even think about it!” the officers shout. Then they pull the men's arms behind them and put them in cuffs.

With all the young children, the scene in this home is more hectic than most, but within five minutes, the two suspects lie facedown on the living-room floor, and the rest of the inhabitants have been gathered into the dining room.

With everyone's safety secured, the officers begin their search. They move with purpose and precision. Chip notices his point man, Bob Evans, leaving the room, and he assumes Bob is simply joining the search.

A couple of minutes later, Chip passes the kitchen as he walks down the hall. Bob is standing at the kitchen sink. A moment earlier, Bob had been rifling through the kitchen cabinets looking for white powder—not for contraband to be used as evidence against those they are arresting but for a white powder that was of much greater immediate importance. He was looking for Similac. With babies crying and their mothers understandably in hysterics, this most alpha male of all the alpha males on Chip's squad was looking for a way to help them. When Chip sees him, Bob is mixing baby bottles.

Bob looks at Chip with a faint smile and shrugs. He then picks up the bottles and begins distributing them to the mothers of the crying infants. Chip is delighted by this. He hadn't thought of baby bottles himself, but he completely understands what Bob is up to and why.

This one act of responsiveness changed the en tire scene. Every one calmed down, and Chip and his men were able to explain the situation thoroughly and then smoothly turn the two suspects over to the detectives. Nevertheless, mixing baby bottles was such an unusual and unpredictable act that many people in police work—including the members of this SWAT team just a few years earlier—would have considered it irrational. But in Chip's squad, this kind of responsiveness is routine.

It wasn't always this way. To appreciate the remarkable transformation that had come to the 1910 SWAT Squad, we need to learn a little of Chip's challenging background and his history in the Kansas City Police Department.

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“The secret to teamwork is an outward mindset. This is the definitive guide on how to achieve it.”
—Steve Young, NFL MVP and Hall-of-Fame quarterback

“This is a powerful book with a powerful message about really seeing. It opens a path to trust, collaboration, creativity, and performance.”
—Katherine Klein, Professor of Management, Wharton School

“The Arbinger frameworks for leading personal and organizational change are some of the most powerful tools that I have come across in my entire career.
The Outward Mindset is a must-read for leaders seeking significant and lasting organizational change.”
—John Wilson, President of International Operations and Head of Global Transformation, Staples

“An absolutely brilliant book. You will want to give it to everybody.”
—Nick Ward, Vice President, Digital Marketing, Children's Miracle Network Hospitals

“Anyone interested in restoring the public's trust in cops must use the principles of this book as the foundation of that effort. I cannot imagine any situation where this book should not be mandatory reading.”
—Jon Hamm, CEO, California Association of Highway Patrolmen

The Outward Mindset is a thought-provoking, game-changing book. Filled with vivid, real-life examples, it argues clearly and persuasively for a better way of doing business.” 
—Gene McCarthy, President and CEO, ASICS America

The Outward Mindset powerfully demonstrates how teams can come together to deliver superior results. I had a hard time putting it down and, applying the frameworks myself, have seen an immediate, practical impact.”
—Dan Shimoff, Vice President, McGraw-Hill Education

“Along with all of Arbinger's work, this book is not just foundational but transformational, and not just business changing but life changing.”
—John Fikany, Vice President of Strategy Development, Quicken Loans, Inc.

“This book is a must-read for those who want to know how to make a big difference in the lives of the people they lead and the results they achieve. It will change how you approach the challenges in your company, community, and family.”
—Elizabeth Hall, former Vice President, Human Resources, Cricket Communications

“The new perspective provided by this book and its built-in practical application tools have motivated me to actively experiment. I'm amazed at how quickly conversations, reactions, and behaviors are changing for the better.”
—Gary M. Riding, Senior Vice President, Samsung Electronics America

“Another gift from Arbinger! At once practical and transformational.”
—Craig Tingey, Principal Advisor, Leadership Development, Rio Tinto

The Outward Mindset completely transforms approaches to culture change and change management. It is a very important book.”
—Roberto Sánchez Romero, Global Head of Culture and Values, Everis

The Outward Mindset provides a compelling framework for self-accountability. It is a must read for leaders who are looking to mobilize themselves, their teams, or their organizations to achieve a collective goal.”
—Nancy Murphy, Executive Director, Learning Operations, Cox Communications

“Leaders who serve others with an outward mindset encourage a culture of collaboration where everybody wins. Read
The Outward Mindset and learn how great servant leaders think.”
—Ken Blanchard, coauthor of The New One Minute Manager and Collaboration Begins with You

The Outward Mindset is so readable and entertaining that its powerful substance will sneak up on you. It's packed with engaging stories and a clear, compelling, and practical message. As with Arbinger's prior work, the principles in this book are foundational and can indeed change lives and transform organizations.”
—Van Zeck, former Commissioner of the Public Debt, US Department of the Treasury

“An outward mindset is essential for empowering human potential and possibility. It unlocks an organization's ability to preserve and grow profitability with limited resources.”
—Jeff Kerr, Executive Vice President, U.S. Bank

“Superb writing and clear, cogent thinking on a critically important topic. This book will help individuals, organizations, and families.”
—Robert Daines, Pritzker Professor of Law and Business, Stanford Law School

“The authentic and engaging storytelling in
The Outward Mindset makes it a quick and easy read, with real-life lessons that show that taking care of the needs of others is not only the right thing to do but good business as well.”
—Benjamin Karsch, Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, Revlon

The Outward Mindset details a kind of radical presence with others that transforms relationships, enriches lives, and boosts organizational performance. It scores a rare trifecta—important, engaging, and practically powerful.”
—Corey Jamison, President and CEO, XperienceU Training and Leadership Development

“Through practical real-life examples,
The Outward Mindset shows how personal and organizational transformations occur when we look beyond ourselves to the needs of others. The concepts are transformational for any type or size of organization.”
—Dave Friedman, Chief of Staff, Office of the CEO, Citrix

“A thought-provoking and practical book! It helps me look at my personal and professional life with a whole new perspective.”
—Tom DiDonato, Senior Vice President, Human Resources, Lear Corporation

“This book vividly illustrates the tangible benefits of an outward mindset both at work and at home. It has filled me with hope and motivated me to do better than I have been doing.” 
—Rod Larson, CEO, Spandex

The Outward Mindset is a ‘how to' field guide for promoting personal and organizational mindset change—which, more than changes to process or anything else, is the change that actually yields results.”
—Neil McDonough, President and CEO, FLEXcon

“Simple but meaningful concepts applicable to work and home. Hits the nail on the head in prioritizing mindset change over leader behaviors.”
—Simon Kelner, Global Head of Talent Development, Merck 

The Outward Mindset is an easy-to-digest essential guide for all—beginning with CEOs and other leaders, whose most important responsibility is to see everything through the lens of an outward mindset and to help others do the same.”
—Alistair Cameron, CEO, ASICS EMEA

“In today's complex, fast-paced environment, an outward mindset is critical to success. This book shows how individuals and organizations can achieve such a mindset change. I highly recommend it.”
—Rick Dreher, Managing Partner, Wipfli, LLP

“An outward mindset is the foundation of leadership effectiveness. All relationships depend on it.”
—Brad Botteron, CEO, Wachter, Inc.

“An interesting and engaging approach to effect lasting change in organizations—one that conceivably lends itself to applications in diplomacy as well.
The Outward Mindset is bound to be a winner for the organizations and leaders that adopt it.”
—Emanuel Shahaf, CEO, Technology Asia Consulting Ltd.

The Outward Mindset merits deep reflection and attention both personally and organizationally.”
—Joe Farrow, Commissioner, California Highway Patrol

The Outward Mindset is a must-read for anyone wanting to create personal and organizational excellence.”
—Pierce Murphy, Director, Office of Professional Accountability, City of Seattle

The Outward Mindset captures the skills needed to lead agencies in the rapidly changing environment that we are all facing.”
—Chris Connally, Chief of Police, St. Joseph Police Department

“This book gets to the core issues of organizational behavior in a way I've never seen. I aspire to be more like the individuals in this book who are making such a profound impact by focusing on how they can help others achieve their goals.”
—Lindsay Hadley, Executive Producer, 2012 and 2013 Global Citizen Festival

“Transformational! An outward mindset guarantees better results and a better life.”
—Jean-François Turgeon, President, Tronox TiO2

“Any organization that strives for improvement, teamwork, and world-class results can gain a sign a significant advantage by applying
The Outward Mindset principles. As a bonus, it will help with personal relationships too!”
- Bob Miller, Global Client Director, IBM

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