Do you wish for easier, better, more affordable child care and elder care?

    Change the Story, Change the Future

    Can we change our culture's framing story to better honor humanity and the earth?

    Collaborative Intelligence

    Did you know the intelligence industry is one of the most intensely collaborative industries we have?

    Collective Visioning

    How can activist groups recruit and give full voice to a truly diverse membership?

    Coaching Up & Down the Generations

    What adaptations should you make to your coaching style to speak to different generations?

    Community Weaving

    from BK Fast Fundamentals

    Confessions of an Economic Hit Man

    How can we persuade the USA to halt the loan shark practices of its economic imperialism?

    Complexity and Creativity in Organizations

    Complexity and Creativity in Organizations is the most comprehensive and thorough book yet written on how the new science...

    Confessions of An Accidental Businessman

    How can you develop the gut instinct, intuition and judgement, that will guide your BK Business to success?

    Confessions of a Microfinance Heretic

    What if there was evidence that micro-loans DON'T make a dent in long term poverty?

    Consulting Mastery

    Do you want to be the kind of extraordinary consultant that transforms organizational culture?

    Consensus Through Conversation

    Do you want your employees to be passionately committed to a future that they have helped to shape?

    Confessions of an Economic Hit Man - John Perkins Interview on DVD

    How can we persuade the USA to halt the loan shark practices of its economic imperialism?

    Corporate Creativity

    Do you want your company to fulfill it's creative potential?

    Cracking the Code (Audio)

    Do you want the political communication skills necessary to fight back against right-wing propaganda?

    Corporate Tides

    Are you curious about the basic laws of structure that determine a corporation's success or failure?

    Corporate Social Investing

    Details a practical, 10-step plan that can create exciting new relationships between businesses and nonprofits Weeden's p...

    Covert Processes At Work

    Do you want to understand and deal with the hidden forces blocking change in your organization?

    Corporations Are Not People

    How can we overturn Citizens United and restore the democratic principles on which America was built?

    Courageous Training

    Do you want to ensure the trainings you conduct contribute real, tangible value to the organization?

    Courage Goes To Work

    Courage Goes to Work is for every manager who has ever struggled with how to get their employees to have more backbone. ...

    Corporate Celebration

    Want to plan the kind of celebrations that restore company spirit and employee morale?

    Corporations and the Public Interest

    How can we change the system so that market forces pressure companies to be more ethical?

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