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    Henry Mintzberg is Cleghorn Professor of Management Studies at McGill University in Montreal, the winner of awards from the most prestigious academic and practitioner institutions in management (Harvard Business Review, Academy of Management, Association of Management Consulting Firms, and others), and the recipient of twenty honorary degrees from around the world. He is the author or coauthor of fifteen books, including Managers Not MBAs, Strategy Safari, and The Rise and Fall of Strategic Planning, and is a founding partner of CoachingOurselves.com.
    Managers Not MBAs

    Would you like to know what's wrong with the way we're training generations of business leaders?


    What if it's not possible for managers to be systematic, careful long-term planners; what to do instead?

    Simply Managing

    What if we're over-thinking management, and all you need is simple strategies learned from the best?

    Rebalancing Society

    How can we get society back in balance?

    Bedtime Stories for Managers

    In forty-two succinct, surprising essays, legendary scholar Henry Mintzberg brings management down from the clouds and on...

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