Audio Books

    The audio books below are sold through Berrett-Koehler, however we have a number of audio books that are sold through other outlets. To see a list of those books, click here .

    Capitalists Arise! (Audio)

    Listen to how capitalists can end income inequality.

    Completing Capitalism (Audio)

    Listen to how Capitalism can heal the world.

    How You Learn Is How You Live (Audio)

    Does deep learning really stop after college?

    The Referral of a Lifetime (Audio)

    How does cultivating authentic, personal business relationships make traditional marketing obsolete?

    From Crisis to Calling (Audio)

    We are often confronted with choices where morality and pragmatism seem to be at odds. In these situations leaders are supposed...

    Breaking the Trust Barrier (Audio)

    For the members of the US Air Force Thunderbirds, trust is literally a matter of life and death.

    You Are What You Believe (Audio)

    Would you like to identify and understand the self-limiting beliefs that lead to painful behavior?

    Shakti Leadership (Audio)

    Reaching into ancient spiritual and mythical teachings, Nilima Bhat and Raj Sisodia revive a feminine archetype of leadership: generative, cooperative, creative,...

    Entrepreneurs in Every Generation (Audio)

    How do you nurture and develop the entrepreneurial spirit in all the generations of a family firm?

    The Vanishing American Corporation (Audio)

    We love to criticize corporate behavior, but honestly, what would the world be like without them? That may be where we're headed.

    The Outward Mindset (Audio)

    To change what we do, we first need to change how we see and relate to the world.

    The Laws of Lifetime Growth (Audio)

    What key can you turn to unlock your greatest abilities, to unleash your capacity to grow?

    Mobilized (Audio)

    Everybody knows mobile is the future, and every business wants in, but what are the elements of mobile success?

    Building the Future (Audio)

    How can leaders innovate across industry boundaries, to make truly big inventions and discoveries?

    Online Marketing for Busy Authors (Audio)

    There has truly never been a better time to be an author. For the first time, you have direct access to...

    Negotiating the Impossible (Audio)

    Harvard professor (and negotiation consultant advisor to organizations around the world) Deepak Malhotra shows how to defuse even the most potentially...

    Humble Consulting (Audio)

    In his new book, bestelling author and professor emeritus at the MIT Sloan School of Management, Edgar Schein, outlines the basics...

    Leadership Lessons from a UPS Driver (Audio)

    What can a UPS driver teach you about leadership?

    How Performance Management Is Killing Performance--and What to Do About It (Audio)

    If performance management doesn't work-- what can your company do to improve performance?

    Mastering the New Media Landscape (Audio)

    What's the secret to getting discovered in the new media landscape?

    A Crowdfunder's Strategy Guide (Audio)

    What does crowdfunding have to do with building the business of your dreams?

    What Great Service Leaders Know & Do (Audio)

    The service sector has grown to become 80% of the US economy, yet it's poised for a revolution in personalization, big...

    The Positive Organization (Audio)

    Continuing his groundbreaking work in Positive Organizational Scholarship, Robert Quinn (bestselling author of Deep Change) offers a clear path and concrete...

    The Genius of Opposites (Audio)

    Bestselling author Jennifer Kahnweiler (Quiet Influence and The Introverted Leader—over 20,000 copies sold each) offers a five-step process that will help...

    Lift (Audio)

    Leading scholars Ryan W. Quinn and Robert E. Quinn marshal both scientific research and personal experience to show how you can...

    Intelligent Disobedience (Audio)

    They say the rules are made to be broken. But which rules? When should you break them? And how do you...

    The Sisters Are Alright (Audio)

    Everyone seems to have an opinion about American black women—they need to get married, change their hair, act like “ladies,” and...

    Refire! Don't Retire (Audio)

    How can retirement be less about winding down, and more about carrying out new dreams?

    Appreciative Inquiry (Audio)

    Would you like a concise introduction to a practice that focuses on building strengths rather than fixing weaknesses?

    The Nonviolence Handbook (Audio)

    What will convince people that nonviolence is not the path of the weak but the path of the strong?

    Your Leadership Story (Audio)

    How can you better understand the dynamic ways your leadership effects others?

    Chess Not Checkers (Audio)

    What if the difference between leaders and managers is that leaders play a different mental game?

    Leadership for a Fractured World (Audio)

    As a leader, how can you heal wounds, resolve conflicts, and break down boundaries?

    You Unstuck (Audio)

    What's keeping you trapped, unable to move forward in work or life?

    The B Corp Handbook (Audio)

    How can your business help create global change by redefining success?

    Walk Out Walk On (Audio)

    How can someone "walk out" of limiting beliefs and "walk on" to create healthy, resilient communities?

    Let's Stop Meeting Like This (Audio)

    Is it possible to hold meetings that actually maximize productivity?

    The Idea-Driven Organization (Audio)

    Some businesses use front line worker ideas to help profits skyrocket- how do they do it?

    The Best of the Thom Hartmann Program Volume I (Audio)

    American democracy's historical roots and present imperiled health.

    The Best of the Thom Hartmann Program Volume II (Audio)

    Historical perspective on ripped-from-the-headlines current events.

    Cracking the Code (Audio)

    Do you want the political communication skills necessary to fight back against right-wing propaganda?